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April 2016


Eleiko Moves Away From Online Dealers


 Eleiko has recently launched a new website - - that will form a basis for all their online distribution worldwide. Consequently, they have decided to move away from online retailers. For this reason will no longer be able to supply Eleiko products direclty through our website. However, for your convenience we will continue to provide specific product information on our website as well as a link below to their new website. Thank you for your understanding!






March 2012


Exercise Equipment Recommendations For The Novice Lifter

Bumper Plates Exercise Equipment Recommendations For The Novice Lifter

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Keep it simple. The old saying “less is more” applies to both the equipment needs as well as the workout routine. You don’t necessarily need an elaborate health club weight room to achieve great results from weight training.


A balanced total body weight training routine requires a surprisingly minimal investment in equipment. The majority of our retail customers have a limited area within their home to setup their workout area. More than often an extra bedroom or a section of the garage is allocated for setting up a client’s home gym.


A basic workout area is comprised of a combination of basic strength equipment which we will refer to as the “SCPC” or Self Contained Power Center. A SCPC can be designed in multiple ways, but the simplest and most cost effective setup includes a combination squat/bench rack with spotter/safety rails, a utility bench with an adjustable seat position from roughly 90 degree angle to flat and an Olympic barbell set. You can expand from your core workout area by adding in equipment such as a dumbbell set with or without a rack or perhaps an Olympic curling bar. Rubber gym flooring is always nice addition as well, providing a sure foot grip as well as adding a measure of protection against compression dent damage to the underlying floor. Glassless shatterproof mirrors can add a finishing touch and allow the lifter to help keep exercise technique in check especially if training alone.


The SCPC equipment among other products including product information and technical specifications is available for your review in the store. If you feel you need further guidance before making a purchase, feel free to contact our in house fitness equipment consultant, Adam Auerbach, CSCS. He is extremely knowledgeable and can help you find solutions that best fit your training needs as well as budget.



January 2012


Finally an Affordable, Unbreakable Lightweight Technique Training Plate

Technique Bumper Plate

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Now for the first time a lightweight technique bumper plate that you can drop over and over without worrying about destroying the plate. Made from high-technology recycled plastic our technique bumper plates are a one piece solid design and are manufactured to the correct height and fit competition Olympic bars snuggly without a wobble.

Lightweight technique plate are a benefit to beginning lifters, both children and adults alike and are great for teaching proper lifting technique from the floor. Technique plates are available in various sizes in either pounds or kilograms.



  • Rugged one piece solid construction deemed unbreakable on the platform
  • Competition size and shape. 17 1/2" diameter & 2" center hole - fits competition bars
  • Fits the bar snugly with no wobble, yet slides on and off bar smoothly
  • Coach & lifter can focus on technique not the plates or weight
  • Available in both pounds and kilograms
  • Never needs painting and will not rust
  • Less expensive than the typical "durable" technique plate
  • Environmentally friendly. Made from recycled materials


".....plates can hold up in the most rigorous training environment-----THE HIGH SCHOOL WT. ROOM. high schools cannot afford expensive bumpers and certainly i no [know] of no bumpers that could in fact take iron plates on the end like that and drop from that height and hold up!!! so...... the h.s. buys your bumpers.....AND BUYS IRON PLATES....and can now do the oly lifts and not worry about tearing up platforms!!!! "

Coach Mike Burgener

A 20kg bar with 140 lbs of iron plates all supported with a pair of 3.75kg technique plates dropped from overhead = NO PROBLEM!!





December 2011


Non-Recycled Natural Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles Superior In Quality With No Offensive Rubber Smell

Mitchell Rubber Flooring

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Our non-recycled Mitchell Rubber gym flooring tiles are made from natural virgin rubber and feature many advantages over recycled rubber gym flooring. No offensive smell, longer wear life and reduced compression dent damage to the underlying floor are only a few the many advantages compared to recycled rubber flooring. Please visit our online store for further more information on this great product.