Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is was founded by experts in the strength & conditioning industry specializing in quality "Olympic-style" weightlifting equipment including bumper plates, weightlifting bars & collars, lifting platforms & plate racks as well as lifting gear including weightlifting shoes, belts, singlets and gym chalk.


Are you really weightlifters?

Yes. Our employees have extensively participated in competitive weightlifting as both competitor and coach. All sales representatives are required to have earned the designation of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and must successfully meet the requirements for USA Weightlifting’s Club Coach Certification.


How will your "expertise" benefit me?

When you have been around weightlifting as long as we have, we know what makes for a good product and we know what makes a bad product. Over the past couple of decades, we personally had our hands on just about every sort of bumper plate and weightlifting bar imaginable. Our experience and "hands on approach" means we intimately understand the products we are selling so you can get the best equipment possible.


What is a bumper plate?

Bumper plates are necessary when doing "Olympic-style" training movements such as snatches, clean and jerks or variations of these lifts. Using bumper plates as opposed to conventional steel plates reduces stress to the barbell, the floor and lifting platform as well as reduces the likelihood of personal injury by being able to just drop the barbell from the overhead position instead of trying to catch the load of the descending barbell.


What are the differences between competition and training bumper plates?

As the name implies, competition bumper plates are specifically designed for use in the competitive arena. They are calibrated to exact weight and are dimensionally correct as per the technical regulations dictated by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Some of the competition bumper plates, bars and collars we sell are certified "IWF Category A", meaning they have been approved for use in some of the highest forms of the sport including the Olympic Games and World Weightlifting Championships.


Competition bumper plates are typically made with rubber bonded around a solid steel core for reinforcement, resulting in a more compact plate, thus allowing more plates to fit onto the barbell.


Training bumper plates are used widely for training the competitive lifts prior to competition, used in the warm up rooms at weightlifting competitions and for athletic strength & conditioning purposes including power development and CrossFit training. Training bumper plates are a cost effective alternative to competition bumpers and are usually not used in sanctioned weightlifting meets as they are uncalibrated.


There are two popular designs of training bumper plates. The most popular and affordable is a lower cost design known as a "solid rubber" bumper plate constructed from solid molded rubber with a either a steel or brass insert. Due to their solid rubber design they typically are made thicker than competition bumpers to minimize deformation when being dropped from overhead. Solid bumper plate manufacturing methods have improved in recent years, resulting in the widths of the plates becoming closer to their steel core reinforced counterparts. The higher end training bumper plate is essentially identical to the competition bumper plate, but is priced less than the competition bumpers by foregoing the IWF Category A certification, weight calibration and the option of plain black appearance instead of color.


Which bumper plate and bar is best for me?

Our range of products targets the needs of various weight training environments as well as budgets. From the competition arena to the garage gym, we have the equipment that will exceed your expectations.


If you are budget minded and lift recreationally or use the Olympic lifts in your workouts for power development or CrossFit training and desire a durable barbell set appropriate for "Olympic-style" weightlifting then the economy or heavy duty training bars and solid rubber bumper plates are a good starting point.


If competing in Olympic weightlifting is your endeavor or you just want to train with the best and toughest Olympic lifting equipment available at any price, then the bumper plates and bars conforming to IWF specifications will more than satisfy your craving.


If you are still not sure which equipment to purchase, feel free to contact us and consult one of our experienced sales representatives.


How do I place an order?

To place an order, feel free to use our online shopping cart or contact us via our toll free number at 800-759-6399 or directly at 775-624-0177.