Eleiko XF Bumper - 55 lbs, black


Eleiko XF Bumper - 55 lbs, black

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Product Description

*Note: Price is per disc

For those who aren't afraid to push their training to the limit, we introduce the Eleiko XF Range!

Featuring a more rugged look than other Eleiko product ranges, these bars and bumpers are built to withstand daily use and abuse from tough, high intensity training. The Eleiko XF Range is unique in that it is a hybrid from our Olympic lifting and powerlifting ranges and can be used for any multifaceted training program.

Eleiko XF Bumpers

Vulcanized rubber with a fixed stainless steel hub
Thicker to withstand tough conditions and to absorb continued drops
More quiet than other bumpers on the market

Line: Discs
Type: XF Range
Feature: 1 Year Warranty
Diameter: 450 mm
Hole: 50 mm
Weight: 55 lbs
Color: Black