Eleiko Sport Training Bar - 15 kg


Eleiko Sport Training Bar - 15 kg

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Product Description

Eleiko Sport Training Bar - 15 kg

A high quality sport training bar – excellent for strength and conditioning training at Olympic sport centers, professional sport clubs, commercial gyms and crossfit boxes. Use it for squats, deadlifts, clean & jerks, snatches, power cleans, lateral raises, ab rolls, push presses….you name it!

The Eleiko Sport Training bar is produced in chromed Swedish steel. The flexibility is perfectly balanced and the durability unsurpassed. Drop it as many times as you want and it will still be totally straight – year in and year out. With a smooth and consistent rotation of the sleeves the risks of injuries in the wrists and shoulders are minimized.

215 000 PSI
The strength rating of the Eleiko bar is 215 000 PSI. That means that it requires 215 000 pounds per square inch to pull the bar apart! The average Olympic bar usually runs about 130,000 to 150,000 PSI. Research has shown that anything under 190,000 PSI develops permanent bends over time.

Eight precision bearings
A total of eight precision bearings are fitted to each Eleiko bar for long lasting performance. A firm but not sharp knurling gives the bar the special "Eleiko feeling".

Thoroughly tested
All bars are individually tested in accordance with the Eleiko quality policy and provided with a serial number. Sleeves to suit 50 mm discs.

The Eleiko Sport Training Bar is not calibrated according to IWF Standards. Therefore it can not be used at IWF organized competitions.

Do not leave the Eleiko Bar loaded with weights on a rack. Clean the knurling on a regular basis, use the provided brush. Sharp edges can damage the chrome.

Art. No 3002096
Length 2010 mm
Grip 25 mm
Sleeves 50 mm
Weight 15 kg