Eleiko Olympic WL Competition Bar, women


Eleiko Olympic WL Competition Bar, women

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Product Description

The world famous, IWF-approved Eleiko Competition Bar is made from chromed, special Swedish steel providing unsurpassed durability, flexibility and long lasting performance. The firm, yet sharp knurling gives the bar what coaches and athletes call, "the Eleiko feeling".

In order to prevent wrist and arm injuires, five precision bearings are fitted to each sleeve. For seamless loading of discs, sleeves are designed to fit 50 mm hubs.

The strength rating of all Eleiko Competition and Training bars is 215,000 PSI. This means that it requires 215,000 pounds per square inch to pull the bar apart! The average Olympic bar usually runs about 130,000 to 150,000 PSI. Research has shown that anything under 190,000 PSI develops permanent bends over time.

All bars are individually tested in accordance with the Eleiko quality policy and provided with a serial number.

Calibrated according to IWF Standards.

Do not leave the Eleiko Bar loaded with weights on a rack. Clean the knurling on a regular basis and use the provided brush. Sharp edges can damage the chrome.

Art. No 111-0150
Length 2200 mm
Grip 25 mm
Sleeves 50 mm
Weight 15 kg
Feature Lifetime warranty